Seeking Stories of Bukit Brown Cemetery / 征寻与武吉布朗(咖啡山)坟场 有关的故事

Dear fellow Singaporeans

Seeking Stories of Bukit Brown Cemetery

I am a historian and am leading the Bukit Brown Cemetery Oral History Documentation. I am seeking former residents of Kheam Hock Road Village, Kampong Kubor and other settlements close to the cemetery.

Oral history shows that the cemetery was not just a burial ground, but played a crucial role in the lives of people. The villages emerged to provide tombstone engraving services, and there were about 10 such firms by the 1950s. People going to the cemetery during Qing Ming also bought joss paper from local shops and had refreshments at the coffeeshops. Some residents became caretakers, tending to the tombs. The villagers were resettled in HDB estates in the 1980s.

This is an unknown history we should uncover. If you had lived in the villages, or have a family member, relative or friend who did, kindly contact me to lend your voice to an important part of our history.

Dr Loh Kah Seng

Oral History Coordinator for Working Committee

Research Project for Documentation of Bukit Brown and Seh Ong Cemeteries

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies


Mobile: 81981172


征寻与武吉布朗(咖啡山)坟场 有关的故事

我是一名历史研究生。我正参与有关收集武吉布朗(咖啡山)坟场口述历史的工作。因此,我正在寻找曾经住在谦福路村落, 甘邦Kubor, 以及其他附近聚落的居民。

根据口述历史的陈述, 该坟场不只是埋葬死者的地方,它也曾经在附近居民的生活中扮演着重要的角色。坟场附近的村落是因提供石铺的发展而行成的。在50年代,那一带有大约十家石铺。每年清明节,也有许多前来扫墓的人在该地带购买须要的冥纸以及香烛。更有许多前来扫墓的人在那里的咖啡店休息。有一些居民成了看守坟墓的管理员,打理坟场里的一些要务。这些居民后来在80年代迁入政府组屋。






手机: 81981172


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